San Diego Social Leagues

Community Projects

San Diego boasts a sublime year-round climate conducive to engagement in endless recreational opportunities, yet many of the facilities needed to activate these spaces are in need of attention, funding, and love. San Diego Social Leagues intends to work with both public and private entities to help see through the improvements needed.  We also will assist in raising the funds necessary to improve and boost the utility of the recreational facilities available to all.   SDSL is also concerned about the accessibility to and dignity of basic facilities like restrooms.  We believe that everyone, no matter where they live in San Diego, or if they are just in town for a visit, deserves to have access to outstanding facilities that are representative of the beautiful place we live.  SDSL hopes that improvement of public facilities will help the overall health, well-being, and happiness of San Diegans, as well as allow the city and other organizations to maximize their ability to hold events, leagues, tournaments, and gatherings of all kinds throughout the year. 

Our main goals include:

  • Partner with public and private entities to raise the money needed to improve existing recreational facilities around the city.
  • Work with the city to provide recreational facilities that can maximize engagement.
  • Maximize the usage of recreational facilities in scope and time.
  • Increase the amount of income the city can obtain through their permitting process..
  • Assist in improving facilities San Diegans use everyday.
  • Creating equity in recreational facilities for all. 
  • Defray the cost of facility improvements through grants and other revenue streams.
  • Help to instill a sense of pride and dignity for individuals using public restrooms.
  • Involve community members as stakeholders in the process of facility improvement.
  • Take advantage of the comfortable year-round climate San Diego offers to create sustainable facilities for all San Diego residents and visitors.