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December 16th, 2023 Holiday Spikeball Hat Tournament in Pacific Beach Benefiting SDSL At-Risk Youth Programs

Salute 2 Heroes

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First Responders

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When: Monday, 11/20 at 8am

– 6:00am: Check-in & warm up.
– 7:30 Celebrity 5th golfer drawing.
– 7:40 National Anthem
– 7:45 Mayoral candidate Larry Turner address.
– 7:50 Angel Garcia honors Master Sergeant Rodney Buentello’s legacy.
– 7:55 Head to assigned hole.
– 8:00 Shotgun start!!
Please send us an email at, or call at 619-494-3555


**We are playing Admiral Baker North**

San Diego Veteran & First Responder Community Focused Charity Softball & Golf Tournaments

Embark on a journey of camaraderie and compassion with Salute 2 Heroes (S2H), a dedicated partner of the San Diego Social Leagues. Founded in 2016 by Marine Corps Veteran Angel Garcia, S2H has been a beacon of support, orchestrating charity sports events that transcend the ordinary.














At the heart of S2H’s mission lies the poignant story of Master Sergeant Rodney Buentello, a revered figure whose legacy is honored through the eponymous scholarship fund. Through a series of impactful softball and golf events held in the greater San Diego Area, S2H has triumphed in raising over $15,000 for the Master Sergeant Rodney Buentello Scholarship Fund, also benefitting San Diego Veterans, first responders, and their families.
















Rodney Buentello’s story is one of resilience and service, and it serves as a rallying point for the over 2000 active service and Veteran men and women brought together by S2H. Their collective aim? To stand united for a great cause – to honor one of their own and to provide unwavering support to the families of those who continue to serve our great nation.















As a long-time ally of the San Diego Social Leagues, S2H is not just about sports; it’s about forging bonds that transcend the playing field. It’s about celebrating the spirit of giving back and making a lasting impact on the lives of those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to our country.













Join us in the journey of Salute 2 Heroes, where every swing of the bat and every golf swing is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering support we extend to our nation’s heroes. Together, we stand strong – a community bound by a shared commitment to honor, support, and uplift those who have given so much for us all.





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Sign Up for the Nov 20th Scramble & Support S2H!