San Diego Social Leagues


December 16th, 2023 Holiday Spikeball Hat Tournament in Pacific Beach Benefiting SDSL At-Risk Youth Programs

SDSL/Kroc Center Rolando Community Basketball

San Diego Social Leagues (SDSL), in partnership with the Salvation Army Kroc Center,  is offering new basketball leagues beginning in early 2023 at the Kroc Center.  The neighborhood of Rolando in San Diego boasts a very diverse community including college students and longtime San Diegans from many diverse backgrounds. SDSL is joining the Kroc Center to expand participation in their basketball leagues by creating men’s, women’s, and coed 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 leagues for general participation as well as a Midnight Basketball program comprised of local San Diego County  men’s and women’s semi-professional players and teams with a complete team and coaching structure to compete against each other. While the Kroc Center has seen great success in youth and senior programs, they have asked SDSL to help populate programs for individuals in between those age groups.  SDSL is committed to assisting the Kroc Center in providing structured opportunities for individuals who have aged out of their popular youth programs.


The goals of SDSL and the Kroc Center through this program include:

  • Creating a participation platform that is focussed on positive engagement.
  • Using basketball as a deterrent to criminal activity in the area.
  • Enhancing lifelong commitments to healthy lifestyles especially for those who are disproportionately prone to heart disease and other life-threatening maladies. 
  • Providing opportunities for positive engagements and interactions within the community. 
  • Empowering community stakeholders to be involved in the facilitation of the league through scorekeeping, timekeeping, officiating, coaching, etc.
  • Developing a train-to-hire program that assists in the professional development and education of participants towards roles involving sports management, marketing, promotions, and sales. 
  • Utilizing these leagues to provide more diverse opportunities for community engagement in future leagues at the Kroc Center including soccer and flag football. 


SDSL and the Kroc Center intend for this program to:

  • Improve community engagement in safe, engaging, and fun programming.
  • Improve positive community activation focussed on health and wellness.
  • Decrease criminal activity in the area by providing healthy opportunities for community stakeholders.
  • Bring the community together by encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in the leagues.