San Diego Social Leagues

Child Care

SDSL Child Care Program activates Parks and Recreation facilities to serve youth, families, and the community. We partner with the city to expand adult sports programs to include Child Care and Youth Services in underutilized Rec facility hours.


As a nonprofit, we collaborate with corporate sponsors to enhance parkland, meeting the diverse needs of vulnerable populations and youth. We ensure financial capability is not a barrier, promoting consistently healthy choices and support services.


In November 2022, San Diego voters approved Measure H, allowing childcare on dedicated parkland.


YES votes:


– Address immediate parent and caregiver needs.
– Expand options for diverse populations.
– Facilitate early childhood education.
– Offer after-school alternatives, tutoring, mentoring.
– Introduce youth to engaging programming.
– Enhance parent and caregiver education, employment, affordability, and neighborhood engagement.


The lack of affordable space, underfunded wages, and inconsistent resources led to inadequate childcare. SDSL and our partners provide the solution.