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San Diego Social Leagues Sports, Health & Wellness, Community Events

Is a 501(c)(3) Organization Building Stronger Community, & Aiding Underserved/Vulnerable Groups Through Sports, Community & Charitable Events


San Diego Social Leagues provides opportunities to enhance social capital, improve health and wellness, both physically and mentally, through sports and fitness programs. Our goals are to lower the financial barrier to participation for all San Diegans, particularly our underserved and most vulnerable populations as we strive to help build a better community for all.

Sports Programs

Our programs aim to serve youth, adults, and seniors especially those from vulnerable populations in underserved communities. See how you can participate.

Community Projects

Join us on our quest to assist in improving the recreational infrastructure and access to dignified and equitable facilities in San Diego. See how you can help.

Social Events

Experience fun social events that improve human connectivity, reducing isolation; providing opportunities for networking and fundraising. Want to get in on the action?

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About us

San Diego Social Leagues is a nonprofit, community building organization that passionately believes in the transformative power of sports; that we can bring people together and strengthen our communities, particularly those that are underserved and marginalized populations.


A wealth of great opportunities come from sports; friendships are made, superior physical and mental health is realized and with our reliable and fun programs we are able to keep participants highly engaged while providing outreach to critical underserved and vulnerable groups.


When examining the social problems of today, we realize human connection, a sense of belonging, and authentic community support are all paramount in thriving and navigating the systems of the world we have created. San Diego Social Leagues aims to be a beacon to those who are in need of what we offer and can add to their lives through community involvement.