San Diego Social Leagues

Light up the Night

San Diego is a beautiful place to live, work and play, but the need for more nighttime outdoor sports options is apparent. Our parks and open spaces need love, and more importantly, resources to maximize the utilization of existing facilities.


We plan that community members will join us in becoming stakeholders with this initiative. SDSL is raising money for short term and long-term lighting solutions for parks and open spaces around the city and county.


In the short-term SDSL wants to install portable lights so our kids (and adults) can play longer into the night; engaging in sports activities that socialize and enculture future generations to one: walk away from the pitfalls of temptation and into unhealthy or illicit lifestyles; two: the long vision goal of permanent lighting at more city fields to increase facility utilization, adopt lifelong health practices through recreation; three: the reduction of crime in neighborhoods and an overall net sum on fiscal impact.


The goals and intentions of SDSL through this program include:


  • Short-term and long-term lighting solutions at parks and open public spaces.
  • Bring the community together by encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in the activities that will be created at new times because of the lights. 
  • Providing opportunities for positive engagements and interactions within the community
  • Decreasing criminal activity in the area by providing healthy opportunities for community stakeholders.
  • Decreasing the misuse of open parks and fields.
  • Addressing homelessness issues in these parks and open spaces by potentially providing access to wrap-around services for this population in the future. is raising