San Diego Social Leagues

Child Care

SDSL Child Care Program will activate Parks and Recreation facilities to meet youth, family, and community needs.  Objective city partnerships will expand adult sports programs to include Child Care and Youth Services in Rec facilities during underutilized hours. 


As a nonprofit leader, SDSL will collaborate with corporate sponsors to refresh, supplement and identify growth opportunities on parkland to meet the needs of active, diverse, vulnerable, and underserved populations and youth.  Financial capability shall not be a barrier.  Like our sports programming, SDSL shall activate consistently healthy choices and introduce appropriate support services.


In November 2022 San Diego voters approved Measure H. Measure H amended San Diego City Charter, Article V, Section 55 with 68.7% “yes” votes of 427,507 ballots counted.  The amendment authorizes “childcare” on dedicated parkland property by any State-licensed facility, other than in-home family day care, in which nonmedical care and supervision is provided for children under age 18 in a group setting for less than 24 hours per day, excluding educational or instructional use provided by public, private, home, or charter schools.


YES votes have:

  • Recognized that San Diego Child Care meets immediate needs of parents, families, caregivers, providing emergent and priority flexibility
  • Expanded options for diverse populations
  • Facilitated Toddler, Preschool and Early Childhood Education
  • Provided youth after school alternatives, tutoring and mentoring, 
  • Introduced youth to Healthy and Engaging programming 
  • Enhanced Parent and Caregiver Education, Employment, Affordability Decisions, and Neighborhood Engagement


The absence of adequate San Diego Child Care, not unlike California and the nation, is due to lack of affordable space, underfunded wages and supplies, inconsistent dedication of resources that meet the needs of diverse populations.

SDSL early childhood care professionals and partnerships answer the need.